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    Mold Baby to produce cheeses up to 500 grs. Its internal shape creates a slight curvature at the ends so characteristic of many cheeses produced in small formats: Idiazabal, Extreme Tortas, Asturian Smoked or Tender Galician Cheese. A very versatile mold that has a pressure cap as well as the respective holes for a correct drainage. Measurements are 107...

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    The Sudao artisan cheese is a cheese that is between 3 and 4 months in lard and washed with pure olive oil. This cure gives it a great flavor. Served in units of: - Small 445 grs aprox. - Big 550 grs aprox

  • Cheese Girolle Milano from BoskaWant to garnish your meal with paper-thin cheese curls? Do it with the Cheese Curler Milano. The garnish is delicious on top of your favorite Italian pasta or a fresh salad. Try putting the curler out during your next happy hour. Let your guests nibble away! Handy cheese curlerPlace a Tête de Moine cheese fresh out of...

  • Slate cheese tray The tray is specially designed to present a cheese board. It contains the base itself with a handle, the identifiers to name the cheeses (4) and a marker to write. With this you can serve different and fun cheese boards. The size of the table is 45cm x 15cm.

  • Peñamellera Asturian cheese Cheese made with whole cow's milk in the Asturian councils of Peñamellera Alta and Peñamellera baja. It is an artisan cheese with a creamy texture and ideal to enjoy at any time of the day. Its bark is rough and moldy. Peñamellera cheese is one of the most consumed cheeses in Asturias. This is due to its quality and the fact...

  • Lactic ferments for the production of creamy yogurt Concentrated lyophilized lactic acid ferment composed of several symbiotic strains of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophillus. This culture is characterized by containing a mixture of strains selected for their higher production of exopolysaccharides (EPS). The release of these EPS...

AlQueso.es, your online shop of spanish artisan chesses

In our website you can buy selected unique and special artisan cheeses of the best and most awarded artisan cheese factories. Discover the best way to discover and acquire artisan cheeses.


What do we do?


We want your experience buying online cheese is complete and satisfactory. We selected small local producers and artisan cheese dairies throughout the Spanish geography, as well as the best products of prestigious international Fromager-Affineur.


The search and selection of cheeses is conducted continuously with a clear mission to have an adequate supply of artisan cheeses in terms of healing, intensities, formats and types of cheese. To do this we look for the main cheese trade fairs to discovering those special cheeses that are hard to find and to buy and taste delicious. We maintain appropriate rotation so that whenever you access our web to find new cheeses to try.


What artisan cheeses we offer?


You can now find a range of artisan cheeses comprising a selection of soft cheeses, semi-cured, mature, vintage, blue, and cheese in oil. You also can find supplements such as crackers, sauces or chutneys, honey or quince.


To facilitate the purchase and selection of cheeses we have built a selection of cheese platters including, in some cases, the appropriate wine.


You can also purchase specially products designed for gift as well as a number of accessories such as the girole, fondues or raclette.


Finally, we complete our offer with a section dedicated to making cheese in home with all the materials necessary for it so you can start in this fun art that is making cheese in your own home.



What highlight of our artisan cheeses?


Within our offer highlights the presence of award-winning cheeses in national and international competitions such as the prestigious World Cheese Awards. Cheeses awarded like Payoyo goat cheese, Pell Florida, cheese payoya goat with Arrayan liquor, the Pata de Mulo of Payuelos, old sheep cheese grazalemeña or Larra Roncal among many others. Also available as an offer of exclusive cheeses like Gamoneu Port, which already produce only four pastors in the Picos de Europa, Cabrales of three milks, also of low production or the Cantabrians aged cheeses from the Saez Brothers fromagerie.


These cheeses are joined by a good representation of truffled cheese that are so appreciated in the world gourmet. It has also joined a select group of international cheeses refined by the most prestigious international producers such as Mons, Xavier or Luiggi Gufanti. Thus our international offering has French cheeses, Swiss, Dutch, Italian, Belgian and English. Cheeses as recognized and appreciated, such as Bethmale, Comte, Sbrinz, aged Gouda or Cheddar.


Buy your cheese online in Al Queso will allow you to access many cheeses hardly found in commercial circuits, know its details, information, characteristics, classification, producers, photographs and finally the comfort of receiving them at home within 24/72 hours.



Discover them and enjoy your online purchase of artisan cheeses.