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  • Fermentos lácticos
    Starters for cheese

    Lactic ferments or starters are responsible for enhancing the flavor of...

    4,00 €
  • Tela quesera
    Cheese cloth

    Fabric to make cheese. This cheese cloth size 50 x 50 cm or 85 x 85 cm...

    2,00 €
  • Cuajo líquido
    Liquid rennet

    Natural rennet liquid rennet from beef and lamb. You can curdle many...

    3,26 €


  • Tupi de Sort
    Tupi cheese

    Tupi Cheese Cheese paste made from...

    7,70 € -12% 8,75 €

List of products by manufacturer El Candanu

Fromagerie El Candanu produces high quality Cabrales cheese in a traditional manner and it is matured in its own natural cave.

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