Mature cheese

A selection of traditional cheeses aged between 4 and 7 months. They are cheeses that

incorporate the qualities of aging. In this way a Gamoneu del Puerto acquires hints of the

natural caves where it matures. Other cheeses that you can find in this section are the

Roncal, the Zamorano and the Manchego.

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  • Marinated Vidiago cheese Pressed pasteurized cow cheese that matures a minimum of 3 months. It is done in a totally handmade way, conserving all its ancestral characteristics. It is macerated in extra virgin olive oil and paprika. A cheese A cheese with a strong flavor. The success of Vidiago cheeses is due to the quality of cow's milk that is produced in...

  • Idiazabal Cheese D.O.P. from the La Vasco- Navarra cheese manufacturer located in Navarra. It's an artisan cheese made from raw sheep milk that possesses a mild, yet peculiar taste and naturally, with a hint of smoke granted by the Idiazabal. This cheese won the Super Gold Medal in the last World Cheese Awards. You can buy it in wedges of 250 grams.

  • Zamorano aged Vicente Pastor Cheese DOP Zamorano of the artisan cheesemaker Vicente Pastor. Produced with sheep's milk raw. An intense and clean cheese reminiscent of fresh and clean sheep's milk. Its texture is buttery and meaty with aftertaste to cellar due to its 7 months of aged. You can buy this cheese in the next link: CLICK.

  • French Chaumes cheese Made from pasteurized cow's milk in Saint Antoine de Beuilh, south-western France, Chaumes is a cheese with an iconic character from the French cheese landscape. This soft cheese has a recognizable orange rind and a creamy texture, which results in an exquisite impact on the palate. It has its own deep smell together with a fine...

  • Belper Knolle Cheese Swiss cheese made from raw cow's milk in the town of Belp. Cheese making is very similar to making Swiss mature cheeses. The only difference is that they are formed into balls of 80 to 90 grams simulating a truffle, allowing them to mature in the traditional way until it becomes a hard cheese (approx. 9 weeks). During the process the...

  • V Navarra cheese is produced in the mountains of the Navarra region from laxta and carranzana sheep's milk. The cheese is matured for 2 to 6 months and during production it is pressed, not boiled providing the characteristic taste and texture associated only with the best Spanish cheeses. It's produce with raw milk and smoked. Served in units of 1,2 kg....

Showing 1 - 6 of 78 items