Mature cheese

A selection of traditional cheeses aged between 4 and 7 months. They are cheeses that

incorporate the qualities of aging. In this way a Gamoneu del Puerto acquires hints of the

natural caves where it matures. Other cheeses that you can find in this section are the

Roncal, the Zamorano and the Manchego.

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    The Gamoneu del Puerto or the Gamonedo del Puerto is one of the most exclusive cheeses made in Spain. It is made in the Western Massif mountains of the European peaks in Onis and Cangas de Onis, in shepherds' cabins who produce it there along with the milk of their own livestock, and it is aged in caves also located in the mountains. Today there are only...

  • Excellent Roncal cheese of the quesería Larra was awarded silver in the World Cheese Awards 2014. The Roncal is a cheese that is produced by hand from sheep's milk. The Protected Designation of Origin ensures a cheese produced only in the municipalities in the Roncal valley, Navarre, with the traditional techniques of this area. The end result is a mature...

  • The Gamonedo del Valle is a matured cheese handcrafted in Onís and Cangas de Onís. It is made from cow's and goat's milk. It is a slightly smoked cheese that matures in a natural cave. Thanks to the temperature and humidity of the caves, penicillin fungus flourishes in the crust, giving a smell and a more intense and special flavor. Served in units of...

  • A fantastic spanish artisanal cured goat cheese from Montejaqueña. A cheese that won't leave you unsatisfied. A nationally and internationally award-winning artisan cheese with an exquisite presentation. It is "el pata negra" from the select Quesería La Montejaqueña. Don't miss your chance to try this artisanal cheese. Served in 1.1 kg aprox units.

  • Excellent cured, manchego cheese surely to delight even the most demanding consumers. Traditionally produced using raw milk from Manchego sheep that freely gaze in the meadows of La Mancha. Aged more than 60 days. It has a delicious and intense flavor. Pre-packaged in wedges of 250 grs.

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    The Sudao artisan cheese is a cheese that is between 3 and 4 months in lard and washed with pure olive oil. This cure gives it a great flavor. Served in units of: - Small 445 grs aprox. - Big 550 grs aprox

Showing 7 - 12 of 78 items