Mature cheese

A selection of traditional cheeses aged between 4 and 7 months. They are cheeses that

incorporate the qualities of aging. In this way a Gamoneu del Puerto acquires hints of the

natural caves where it matures. Other cheeses that you can find in this section are the

Roncal, the Zamorano and the Manchego.

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  • A fantastic spanish artisanal cured goat cheese from Montejaqueña. A cheese that won't leave you unsatisfied. A nationally and internationally award-winning artisan cheese with an exquisite presentation. It is "el pata negra" from the select Quesería La Montejaqueña. Don't miss your chance to try this artisanal cheese. Served in 1.1 kg aprox units.

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    Aged raw sheep milk cheese paste with the aroma of white truffle. Perfect union of raw sheep milk cheese with white truffle from Italy. A delicacy for lovers of good cheese. It is made with an aged cheese paste without adding cream or other external products to a well aged cheese with truffles. It comes in jars of 150 grams.

  • The curing of Idiazabal cheese is produced with raw milk from Latxa sheep in the Petxenekoborda hamlet in the municipality of Sunbilla in Navarre. A smoked cheese with high quality and slightly spicy flavor. Served in units of 1 kg approximately.

  • Cured artisan cheese made from milk of Grazalemeña sheep with Arrayán liquor. The mixture of cured sheep's milk cheese joined with the potential of Arrayán liquor makes this product very unique and grants it softness as well as an intense flavor. It's served in wedges of approximately 450 - 500 grams.

  • Aged goat cheese made with raw milk and aged between 4 and 5 months in Iberian pork lard. With intense but not strong flavor, and a firm and compact texture. Comes vacuum-packed in half wheels of about 450 grams.

  • The Palmero Cheese is made starting from raw goat's milkrecently milked and with natural goat's rennet. The cheese is smoked and matured carefully on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The demand is so high that our production can barely satisfy it! Sold in 220 gram wedges.

  • This exquisite cheese cured with Protected Designation of Origin, matures in Savoy and it is the French response to Gruyère cheese. The paste of Beaufort is pressed and cooked, it is smooth and firm, but soft, with true eyes, and the rind is natural, brushed, fine and dark yellow. Family of gruyerés is the most fragrant, creamy, fruity and slightly nutty...

  • Tupí is an artisan cheese produced in the Catalan Pyrenees. It actually is a cheese paste mixed with liquor, which confers the product a level of strength unique as well as its flavour. This cheese is produced in limited quantity, so it is very difficult to get it. If you like strong cheese, this is definitely perfect for you. It is served in ceramic...

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    The Majorero cheese D.O.P is produced on the the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. It is a goat cheese, produced with unpasteurized milk, and with a strong scent. It has a hard rind, compact inside, and it matures for at least 60 days. It is a cheese that stands out for its taste and character. It is served in wedges of approximately 240...

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    PDO cheese from Mahon matured in cave. It is the ultimate expression of cured Mahon cheese. It has an intense and evolved flavor. It is a cheese made from raw cow's milk, matured in cave in the traditional style, with artisan care and dedication necessary to make it a unique product. You can buy this cheese in wedges of about 640 grams.

  • Aged goat cheese in butter from the artisanal cheese shop La Montejaqueña. A cheese made with whole milk, very creamy, lightly acidic and very flavorful, aged for a minimum of 90 days. Its conservation in butter gives a lot of character to this artisanal cheese. Available in vacuum-sealed servings of approximately 1 Kg.

  • Pecorino cheese cream with truffle. It is made from sheep's milk. It is a cream produced with pecorino cheese, truffles and cream. This cheese is enriched with Italian truffle. This cream has a strong aroma of truffle and it can be seen as small pieces of truffle. You can buy in jars of 90 grams

  • El Abuelo Santos is an Extremaduran cheese produced with raw sheep and goat milk. The Francisco Morán fromager use of traditional forms of cheese production from the region to produce this unique specialty. It is a Torta type cheese, cured for three to four months, with an intense flavor and a buttery dough. This cheese can be bought in units of 800 grams.

  • Camembert Cheese made with raw cow's milk in Isigny Sur Mer in the French region of Calvados. A cheese with white rind, smoothness, deep aroma and a creamy inside. It is one of the best known French cheeses. You can buy the cheese in 250g units, packaged in small wooden boxes.

  • The Almogrote is a hard, mature and smoked cheese paste made with goat milk. It is produced in the Canaries by mixing it with oil and spices such as garlic and pepper. Simply, it is similar to the Mojo Picón, but with cheese. It is perfect to spread on toasts, bread, crackers, boiled potatoes or as a sauce in other courses such as dishes with meat, fish...

Showing 31 - 45 of 63 items