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  • Slicer to get thin slices of your favorite cheeses. It is especially useful when you taste a semi-soft cheese and you want to go consuming in slices, but without cutting it. It is also useful for use as an instrument when cooking when you want to create thin slices to incorporate into your favorite dishes. It has a spade that facilitates serving the slices.

  • Fondue burner With the universal fondue burner from Boska, you can be sure that your cheese or chocolate fondue will always stay at the right temperature. Fuels (not included) for the fondue burner can be liquid or gel fuel.  The burner is made from stainless steel, which enhances the product’s durability. It is also supplied with a cup with gauze,...

  • Small multipurpose knife that will help you in a multitude of tasks. It has a cutting edge to cut your favorite cheeses, a slicer to obtain small thin strips of cheese, a serrated part to cut bread and even a bottle opener. An all-terrain knife in just 19.5 cm long.

  • Knife specially designed for soft cheeses This knife has a blade with large spaces which facilitates the cutting of soft cheeses without the cheese being stuck to the knife blade. It has tip to serve and is made of stainless steel with a plastic handle that facilitates the grip. Its edge is serrated to facilitate cutting in all conditions. Its total size...

  • Cheese knife Knife specially designed to cut cheeses of medium hardness. Its blade has both a cutting edge and a saw zone that facilitates any type of cut. Its tip has two skewers to serve the cut cheese. Its total size is 22 cm, of which 10 cm is the sheet. It has a comfortable handle for a correct grip.

  • Small dish cheese 16,5 centimeters of alessandro brand. It is perfect for cheese up to 700 grams. Its base is made of wood and has a slit all around for the best fit of the lid. The lid is glass and fits perfectly. The total height is 17 cm and the base has a total size of 19 cm.

Showing 1 - 6 of 48 items