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  • Alessandro branded big dish for cheese. This dish cheese will serve for the proper conservation of cheeses of virtually all sizes. The total height of the cheese is 18.5 cm and the width is 25 cm. The base is made of wood and has a groove all around it so that the glass cover perfectly fit.

  • Cheese punch. It is a knife specially designed to create splinters in the most cured cheeses. Cheeses such as El Bosqueño, El Grana Padano or the old cheese from Sáez cheese are perfect for cutting through this punch.

  • Mini cheese dish Cheese dish made of natural wood. It is produced in Pontevedra by the wood artisans of Artema. It is perfect for that small piece of cheese that we have left after having opened a wedge or a small cheese. Keeping it in the cheese dish will always be available. The size is 18 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm. It has a plastic lid that fits perfectly in...

  • Slicer of wire for cheese. Practical cutter that will allow you in a very comfortable way to create slices of your favorite cheeses. It has an adjustable wire with two screws which makes it possible to decide the thickness of the slices as well as a roller that greatly facilitates the sliding of the slicer. Its size is 11.7 cm wide and 12.5 centimeters...

  • Lira of cable to cut cheese The best way to cut soft or semi-soft cheeses. Cheeses such as blues, brie or camembert type or fresh or tender cheeses.  When cutting by wire the cut is clean and avoids the problem of soft cheeses sticking to the knife. This lyre will also serve to cut another series of products such as cakes.

  • Electric yogurt maker The yogurt maker will help you in the homemade production of yogurt. To do this, maintain the temperature necessary for the yogurt to set correctly. With this yogurt maker a world of possibilities in the preparation of yogurt in your home will be opened: natural, probiotic, flavors, etc. A process of elaboration can take from 6 to 8...

Showing 13 - 18 of 48 items