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The Fromagerie Pría produce smoked and blue cheeses in the Asturias region of Spain.

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  • Pria Smoked Cheese is a delightful cheese that is made in an artisanal manner in the village of Pesa de Pría. Pría smoked cheese is crafted with cow’s milk and sheep’s cream, which gives it its splendid taste and characteristic texture. It is an artisan cheese matured in a humid environment. After 30-40 days the mold that has developed is brushed away and...

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    Delicious blue cheese made from cow's milk to which sheep's milk cream and goat's milk cream are added. A traditional but surprising three-milk cheese that is lightly smoked and has the presence of penicillium mold. You can buy it in the next LINK

  • Blue of Pria with three milks red Delicious blue cheese made with cow's milk, sheep's milk and cream to which spicy paprika is added. The result is spectacular. Its orange color that could be reminiscent of English cheeses in which achiote is used is obviously due to the paprika. When cutting, the presence of the penicillium fungus is perceived. An...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items