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The fromagerie Vicente Pastor produce Zamorano D.O.P. cheese. They only use the milk from their herds to make the "Vicente Pastor" artisan cheese. The production is very limited.

Artisanal Fromagerie Vicente Pastor

Placed in Zamora, Spain, the fromagerie Vicente Pastor produce cheeses with raw milk of their own sheep. Their sheep are pure Castillian stock. Their sheeps graze in the fields of "Tierra del Pan" and "Tierra del Vino".

The consistency of the cheese is buttery and compact with tiny irregular holes though it. This cheese falls within the area of Denomination of Origin for Zamorano cheese. the best way to buy your artisanal cheeses.

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  • Zamorano aged Vicente Pastor Cheese DOP Zamorano of the artisan cheesemaker Vicente Pastor. Produced with sheep's milk raw. An intense and clean cheese reminiscent of fresh and clean sheep's milk. Its texture is buttery and meaty with aftertaste to cellar due to its 7 months of aged. You can buy this cheese in the next link: CLICK.

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    Zamorano mature from the Vicente Pastor dairy is an artisanal cheese made in Zamora from sheep's milk. The minimum time this cheese spends maturing is 16 months in optimum environmental conditions to attain an unbeatable quality. This results in a mature cheese, with an exceptional taste and fragrances for the palate. It is served in 3kg units, half...

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