The best traditional cheeses with a soft flavor. They are cheeses with their own

peculiarities and with a big flavor although this one is not strong.

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  • Pria Smoked Cheese is a delightful cheese that is made in an artisanal manner in the village of Pesa de Pría. Pría smoked cheese is crafted with cow’s milk and sheep’s cream, which gives it its splendid taste and characteristic texture. It is an artisan cheese matured in a humid environment. After 30-40 days the mold that has developed is brushed away and...

  • Goat cheese with paprika El Extremeño. A cheese from Extremadura matured in paprika. Its soft taste is intermingled with the aroma and the flavor of the paprika resulting in a cheese with a very special flavor. A cheese that reflects the Spanish tradition of ripening the cheese with this appreciated spice. You can buy this cheese in this link.

  • Spanish soft cheese and semi-soft fat. A thick texture results in an amazing cheese. It is a cheese to enjoy and eat little by little. It is served in sections of approximately 300 grams.

  • Trufado de Oveja is a cheese made completely by hand with a cheese cloth. Its base of pasteurized sheep's milk matured for 20 years brings us a cheese with a very thin rind and firm mass, semi-bland with small holes and a smooth, spicy odor, where the presence of Morella black truffle becomes evident, a delicacy that brings taste and aroma to a great...

  • The Tronch is a goat's milk cheese made in a traditional way in Castellón. It is made in the mold in the shape of a traditional volcano of the Mastership, Spanish historical region that spans areas of Teruel, Castellón and Tarragona. It is a very pressed and salted cheese, as in processing they dip it in brine. It is served in units of 500 - 550 grs.

  • The Arzúa Ulloa cheese is made in a traditional manner based on cow milk and is one of the excellent Galician cheeses. This traditional cheese has a soft and creamy flavor and is very appropriate for your direct consumption, on the grill or as an ingredient in the kitchen. It comes in pieces of 500-550 grams.

Showing 1 - 6 of 59 items