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  • Marinated Vidiago cheese Pressed pasteurized cow cheese that matures a minimum of 3 months. It is done in a totally handmade way, conserving all its ancestral characteristics. It is macerated in extra virgin olive oil and paprika. A cheese A cheese with a strong flavor. The success of Vidiago cheeses is due to the quality of cow's milk that is produced in...

  • The traditional Cabrales cheese is a blue cheese with an international reputation and an incredible versatility in its consumption. It is produced in a traditional manner and it is matured in natural caves with high humidity and the presence of "penicilium." This mold gives the cheese an extraordinary flavor and potency. You can buy this cheese in the...

  • Ojos del Guadiana is an spanish artisanal cheese elaborated with raw milk from manchego sheep who freely graze in the meadows of the Tablas de Daimiel National Park located in Ciudad Real. The cheese is matured for at least 12 months. The strong and delectable flavor has continuously dazzled manchego cheese connoisseurs, including the most prestigious...

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    Delicious blue cheese made from cow's milk to which sheep's milk cream and goat's milk cream are added. A traditional but surprising three-milk cheese that is lightly smoked and has the presence of penicillium mold. You can buy it in the next LINK

  • Zamorano aged Vicente Pastor Cheese DOP Zamorano of the artisan cheesemaker Vicente Pastor. Produced with sheep's milk raw. An intense and clean cheese reminiscent of fresh and clean sheep's milk. Its texture is buttery and meaty with aftertaste to cellar due to its 7 months of aged. You can buy this cheese in the next link: CLICK.

  • Cream of Cabrales cheese produced by the cheese factory La Fueya in the town of Siero. Contains 99% of Cabrales D.O.P cheese to which 1% of cream is added to make it more unzoo and slightly soften the strength of the cheese. Cabrales D.O.P cheese based on this preparation is made with three milks: cow, sheep and goat making it a very special product. Once...

Showing 1 - 6 of 83 items