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    La Peral is a blue cheese made from Friesian cow milk, with a white straw color, and milk enzymes and selected noble molds that give it its characteristic bluish spots. When it's young, La Peral is a semi-blue cheese, with delicate flavor and a great bouquet. As it ages, it completes its transformation into a blue cheese, acquiring its personality,...

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    Goat milk blue Peñoceo The Peñoceo blue cheese is the latest addition to the Quesos La Peral family. It is a special cheese, made with the best goat's milk in order to achive a product of exceptional quality. It has a creamy texture, having the character any blue cheese requires but with the flaavour and quality characterising the cheeses by La Peral. You...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items