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  • The Arzúa Ulloa cheese is made in a traditional manner based on cow milk and is one of the excellent Galician cheeses. This traditional cheese has a soft and creamy flavor and is very appropriate for your direct consumption, on the grill or as an ingredient in the kitchen. It comes in pieces of 500-550 grams.

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    The San Simón Da Costa PDO is an artisan cheese made from milk of Galician blond, Alpine brown and Friesian cow. It's a semi-cured, pressed cheese made through a curing process in a drying room for at least 30 days and subsequently smoked on birch wood. This artisan process of production gives it a mild flavor with strong hints of smoke. It is served in...

  • Artisan cheese Tetilla DOP Casa Lareiras is produced with whole milk from the Galician, Frisian and Alpine-brown breeds. A cheese produced in the Galician town of Pantiñobre. The Tetilla Casa Lareiras cheese has an initial aroma of fresh milk and yogurt, appearing to smell like butter as it matures, along with nuances of vanilla, cream and walnuts. It is...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items