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  • Idiazabal Cheese D.O.P. from the La Vasco- Navarra cheese manufacturer located in Navarra. It's an artisan cheese made from raw sheep milk that possesses a mild, yet peculiar taste and naturally, with a hint of smoke granted by the Idiazabal. This cheese won the Super Gold Medal in the last World Cheese Awards. You can buy it in wedges of 250 grams.

  • V Navarra cheese is produced in the mountains of the Navarra region from laxta and carranzana sheep's milk. The cheese is matured for 2 to 6 months and during production it is pressed, not boiled providing the characteristic taste and texture associated only with the best Spanish cheeses. It's produce with raw milk and smoked. Served in units of 1,2 kg....

  • Excellent Roncal cheese of the quesería Larra was awarded silver in the World Cheese Awards 2014. The Roncal is a cheese that is produced by hand from sheep's milk. The Protected Designation of Origin ensures a cheese produced only in the municipalities in the Roncal valley, Navarre, with the traditional techniques of this area. The end result is a mature...

  • The curing of Idiazabal cheese is produced with raw milk from Latxa sheep in the Petxenekoborda hamlet in the municipality of Sunbilla in Navarre. A smoked cheese with high quality and slightly spicy flavor. Served in units of 900 gr approximately.

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    Truffle Baztan Legend Cheese Cured cheese made with raw milk from Latxa sheep by the Valle del Baztan cheese factory, known for making Idiazabal cheese. In the artisan elaboration process, minced truffle is incorporated in a percentage of 4%. A delicious cheese for those who love cheese and truffles. Its texture, its truffle aroma and the flavor of cured...

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    Legends of Baztan cheese with txacolí Cured cheese made from raw milk from Latxa sheep made in Navarra by the Valle del Baztán cheese factory of recognized prestige in the production of Idiazabal cheese. In its maturation, it is bathed in txacolí wine, which gives it an exclusive aroma. A cheese made in a traditional way that incorporates the novelty of...

Showing 1 - 6 of 8 items