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  • A fantastic spanish artisanal cured goat cheese from Montejaqueña. A cheese that won't leave you unsatisfied. A nationally and internationally award-winning artisan cheese with an exquisite presentation. It is "el pata negra" from the select Quesería La Montejaqueña. Don't miss your chance to try this artisanal cheese. Served in 1.1 kg aprox units.

  • Fantastic combination of little cheeses that will delight any cheese lover. Presented in an excellent manner in a little wooden cage, it will allow you to create a well-formed cheese board. With it you will be able to enjoy the differences between semi-aged and natural cheeses in olive oil, to the best herbs and paprika. All made with goat milk from the...

  • La Montejaquena cheese factory produces a fantastic semi-cured raw goat's milk cheese. An award-winning cheese with which you will enjoy eating by itself or with the best accessories we also offer. It is served in half pieces from approximately 500 - 550 grs.

  • Aged goat cheese in butter from the artisanal cheese shop La Montejaqueña. A cheese made with whole milk, very creamy, lightly acidic and very flavorful, aged for a minimum of 90 days. Its conservation in butter gives a lot of character to this artisanal cheese. Available in vacuum-sealed servings of approximately 1 Kg.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items