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  • Mold with conical format Mold to make cheeses type Tetilla or San Simón Da Costa. Its format is conical in line with the special format of these cheeses. It has holes for the correct draining and pressure cap. It has a space of 60 mm especially indicated for the slow desuerado of this type of cheeses. It is indicated for cheeses of 500 grs. The total size...

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    Pressing mold to make cheese. It is rounded to produce cheese with this form, cheese ball Holland type. Its lid allows you to keep pressing the cheese without having a press. It has holes for proper exit of the whey. Used to produce cheese 350 grams. You can now buy it in AlQueso.

  • The "El País" mould serves to produce cheeses with rounded shapes such as the Galician cheese called El País. They also serve to produce any type of cheese with these interesting shapes. The maximum size of cheese is 600 grams. Its internal measurements are 11.3 cm wide by 9 cm high. It has a pressing cap.

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    Mold Baby to produce cheeses up to 500 grs. Its internal shape creates a slight curvature at the ends so characteristic of many cheeses produced in small formats: Idiazabal, Extreme Tortas, Asturian Smoked or Tender Galician Cheese. A very versatile mold that has a pressure cap as well as the respective holes for a correct drainage. Measurements are 107...

  • Cheese mold with heart shape Measuring mold 105 (width) x 110 (length) x 45 (height) mm. The capacity of this mold is 200 - 250 grs. It has its holes for correct draining.

  • This mold is used for the production of round, smooth Manchego type cheeses with a weight of up to 1,350 kg. Its size is 14.5 cm inner width and 12,5 cm high interior. The mold has a lid for the correct cheese pressing. It is a very versatile mold for the production of the traditional round cheese, pressed and smooth bark.

Showing 7 - 12 of 31 items