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  • Cream of Extremadura sheep's Torta del Casar Artisan Torta cream from El Casar. The La Cobija cheese factory produces this cream cheese in an artisanal way and from its well-known El Casar Torta. They make it using their Torta de El Casar, sheep's milk and melting salts. The result is a very rich, tasty and very creamy cream. You can buy this Casar cake...

  • Cream of Cabrales cheese produced by the cheese factory La Fueya in the town of Siero. Contains 99% of Cabrales D.O.P cheese to which 1% of cream is added to make it more unzoo and slightly soften the strength of the cheese. Cabrales D.O.P cheese based on this preparation is made with three milks: cow, sheep and goat making it a very special product. Once...

  • Quince sweet Quince sweet is a traditional product that you can never miss on your table. An incredible accompaniment to your cheese board. In addition, it is a great source of carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. La Casa De Juan makes it in a traditional way in Murcian lands.It can be purchased in trays of 200 grams.Ingredients: Quince (origin...

  • Fine and crunchy artisan crackers made with natural truffle and extra virgin olive oil. Ingredients carefully selected for an exclusive limited edition from the Paul & Pippa house. It is especially recommended to accompany truffled cheeses as well as other mild-flavored cheeses such as brie, emmental, mascarpone or gouda. They are served in boxes of 130grs.

  • Modena Vinegar with white truffle "Tuber Magantum Pico". A gourmet complement to improve any dish: salads, escabeches, meats, mushrooms, or fish. Just a small quantity will add a truffly touch to any of your dishes. It is served in 100mL bottles.

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    Paul & Pippa Parmesan Crackers Artisan crackers made with Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Its ingredients are carefully selected to make this exclusive limited edition of crackers. Perfect to drink with wine or beer and your favorite cheeses, in good company.It comes in boxes of 130 grams.

Showing 1 - 6 of 39 items