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    Fabric to make cheese. This cheese cloth size 50 x 50 cm or 85 x 85 cm will serve to facilitate the exit of the whey in cheesemaking process. You can now buy it in AlQueso.

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    Lactic ferments or starters are responsible for enhancing the flavor of cheese. They are especially useful in ripened cheeses, but can be used in fresh cheese. With just one sachet of ferments will have to enhance many liters of milk (up to 50 liters). With just a tip of a teaspoon of product you will have for several liters of milk. Then close the bag...

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    Natural rennet liquid rennet from beef and lamb. You can curdle many liters of milk with this product. Crystalline and clean color, its unmistakable aroma natural and stability are the hallmarks of this rennet. It is high in chymosin and is a favorite of modern cheese industry. You can buy this liquid natural rennet in a container of 50 cc. or 90 cc. with...

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    Liquid calcium chloride for cheese. The Calcium Chloride allows you to condition the milk for its subsequent setting phase in the production of artisanal cheeses. During the pasteurization of the milk it loses this component so necessary for curdling. It is used at the beginning of the cheese production process when the milk starts heating. The dosage...

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    Food rust of superficial growth in crust that produces the characteristic white and velvety crust of soft cheeses, fundamentally French. Penicillium Camemberti acts favoring proteolysis and lipolysis. You can buy this mold in envelopes of 3 grams sufficient for use in 50 liters of milk.

  • Mould grid to make fresh cheese. Its slatted allows quick and easy draining without using cheese cloth. The size of this mold is 85 x 75 mm and used for production of cheese 250 g. It is a mold that is also used for cheese which subsequently mature but are unpressed. You can already buy this mold in Al Queso.

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    Internal growth food mold for the development of the classic veins of blue cheeses. The penicillium roqueforti gives the cheese aroma, flavor and a characteristic color. The contents of the envelope is 3 grs and can be used for use in up to 50 liters of milk. The greater or lesser quantity per liter of milk used gives the cheese a greater potency. If used...

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    Adding it to pasteurized and/or homogenised milk you buy from a shop helps restore calcium balance back to the milk, to create a firmer curd. Use 0.5ml per litre of milk. Add to milk before adding culture and/or rennet.

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    Sheep milk powder for making cheeses at home. Sheep milk is difficult to find in the commercial circuits available to most people. This sheep's milk powder comes to cover this lack. It comes from fresh whole milk that is pasteurized and then dehydrated to make it into powder. To reverse this process it is enough to mix the milk powder with water. With 150...

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    Natural rennet powder from beef and lamb. Will ensure a correct curdled milk exclusively providing a natural flavor. It has a high content of chymosin and rennet is the most widely used in modern industry cheese. You can buy this rennet boats 25 Natural grs or 50 grs.

  • Special paper for wrapping and preserving Camembert type crust cheeses This paper of a size of 24.5 cm x 24.5 cm is formed by a layer of paper waxed for contact with camembert cheeses of molded bark and another plastic outer layer that allows to write and identify the date of production and type Of cheese produced. Once ripened cheese is the best way to...

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    Goat's milk powder for the production of cheese at home. Goat's milk is very difficult to obtain in the commercial circuits that most of us have within reach. In Al Queso we incorporate this product to solve this commercial lack and to offer it to our cheese-makers. It comes from fresh whole milk that is pasteurized and then dehydrated to make it into...

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    This artisan crop, Leuconostoc Mesenteroides, is used for the correct development of the characteristic white bark of some cheeses. They are camembert type soft cheeses. Its use together with the Camemberti Penicilium will ensure the correct production of its cheese and the perfect evolution of the bark. The contents of the envelope is 3 grs sufficient to...

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    This culture, "Leuconostoc mesenteroides", is especially indicated for the correct development of the internal mold in the blue cheeses. For the development of the penicilium roqueforti inside the cheese it is necessary a certain presence of oxygen inside the cheese. This flavoring culture produces exactly that effect, in a moderate way, achieving a...

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    Citric Acid is a natural preservative used in place of culture to add an acidic, zesty taste. It is ideal when making Ricotta, Mozzarella and other simple fresh cheeses.

Showing 1 - 15 of 410 items