4 good reasons to eat cheese, even during a diet

Published : 05/19/2018 12:47:33
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Vitamins, calcium, proteins and without sugar. Cheese is a food compatible with the diet. Discover why and how to make cheese a pleasure without feeling guilty when it comes to losing weight. With the advice of Valerie Mery-Mandeville, dietitian and nutritionist.
Cheese and diet are reconciled
Is cheese and diet compatible?

"You can continue eating cheese when you start a diet," says Valerie Mery-Mandeville, nutritionist dietitian. "On a typical low-calorie diet, the recommendations are 30 grams of cheese per day," says this specialist. "But in other types of diet, cheese is not prohibited and is not subject to such restrictions," he adds. This is the case, for example, of the ketogenic diet, which is based on a diet that is very low in carbohydrates (sugars) but rich in lipids (fats).

 How can such a diet work to lose weight?

"Since the late nineteenth century, fat has been considered an enemy of health, accused of being responsible for" bad "LDL cholesterol and overweight, but this diabolical reputation is not based on representative and independent studies. in moderate amounts it does not prevent losing weight because it does not contain sugar and therefore does not promote the storage of fat, "reveals Valérie Mery-Mandeville.

All the cheese does not contain sugar

Cheese contains proteins and saturated fats, but it does not contain sugar in a large part of its varieties: "lactose, the sugar contained in milk, in fact, is destroyed during the fermentation of cheese", describes Valerie Mery-Mandeville.

Exceptions to be taken into account: "which type cottage, which do not ferment and therefore contain lactose", recalls the specialist.

And why does the sugar we eat make us fat?

Some of the absorbed sugar is consumed directly by the brain, heart, organs and tissues. The excess of sugar causes a peak of insulin: this hormone causes the sugar to enter the fat cells, where it is converted into fats under the action of insulin. And that's not all: "Insulin not only promotes the storage of fat, but also prevents its destruction," writes biologist Nancy Cattan in her book Lose Weight with the Paleo Diet (Editions Alpen, 2013).

But even if the cheese does not contain sugar, what about the fat it contains? "Fats are a false enemy to a diet," reveals Valerie Mery-Mandeville. Biologist Nancy Cattan even says that eliminating fat to lose weight would be "a misconception". She says in her book: "The largest study on the relationship between fat consumption and body weight was conducted in the United States in the mid-1990s. In this study, volunteers were offered for a year Four diets that differed in their fat content At the end of the study, the group that had consumed more fat had not gained one gram more than those who had followed a low-fat diet.

This is what nutritionist Valerie Mery-Mandeville thinks, what do you think?

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