A Cabrales cheese for 11,000 euros!

Published : 08/29/2016 11:47:01
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Surprising for the price reached 2.5kg Cabrales cheese in Cabrales Cheese auction: 11,000 euros. This record figure, and probably unrepeatable, was reached by the bid businessman who owns two well-known Asturian restaurants in Madrid: Couzapin restaurant and Caslos Tartiere restaurant faced another well known Asturian restaurant in Madrid, El Ñeru, with the store Cantu la Llera de Oviedo and Gijón and Ribadesella House restaurant Tista.


The winning cheese was a Cabrales cheese of the fromagerie Vega de Tordin that certainly never thought that one of his pieces reached this value. Kilogram price reached 4,400 euros which, without much hesitation, might consider one of the most expensive cheese in the world.


This tradition of auction the winning cheese has enough roots in Asturias where he recalls the auction that takes place the first salmon caught in each river: El Campanu. But so is in the Basque Country and Navarra where they have the auction of its famous cheese Idiazabal.


It was in the Navarran town of Uharte Arakil where during the last weekend of August, half not smoked Idiazabal cheese reached the price of 4,450 euros. Cheese graceful in this case was the Urrizaga fromagerie from the town of Abárzuza, and was purchased by the company Lakita dedicated to the world of construction and maintenance of roads which makes it even more unique this purchase.


Perhaps we are becoming crazy, don’t you think so? 


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08/29/2016 23:26:20

Yo que soy de Bilbo me voy a comprar 5 o 6!

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