Cabrales Cheese Contest

Published : 08/28/2017 14:00:31
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Arenas de Cabrales has hosted during the last weekend of August the 47th edition of the Cabrales Cheese Contest. A fair in honor of the flagship of Spanish blue cheeses. In the same there have been exhibitions, demonstrations of how this cheese is made and the contest and subsequent auction of the winning cheese. At the fair it was also possible to taste and buy this delicious cheese. The 18 dairies participating in the fair put on sale more than 1,600 kilos of Cabrales cheese in its different formats.

To the competition for the choice of the best cheese Cabrales have been presented 18 cheeses. Among them, the cheese presented by the cheese factory Arangas has been the winner. The second place has fallen in the cheese factory Los Puertos and the third position in the cheese factory Valfriu.

The winning cheese auction has been presented this year only two bidders: the restaurant Couzapin of Madrid (well-known Asturian restaurant that also has the Asturian restaurant Carlos Tartiere) and the restaurant La Cabana of Oviedo. This year has been the restaurant Couzapin which has been made with half of the winning cheese Cabrales for which has paid the not insignificant figure of 3,300 euros. Away is the auction last year where 11,000 euros was paid for the winning piece.

The Cabrales cheese goes through a good moment and its production does not stop growing. In 2016 it already reached the figure of 500,000 kilos

Cabrales cheese

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