Eating cheese reduces the risk of premature death.

Published : 09/01/2018 11:32:34
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The cheese and red meat come back to our ideal menu to prove that it should take twice as much as nutritionists suggest.

A study of 220,000 adults found that eating three servings of dairy and one and a half servings of red meat a day could reduce the risk of premature death by a quarter.

The scientists said the findings "challenge conventional wisdom" after decades of advice to reduce dairy and red meat.

The current guide to the NHS (National Health Service of the United Kingdom) says that dairy products should constitute only eight percent of the daily recommended caloric intake for a person, allowing only one yogurt or two small slices of cheese. And the consumption of red meat should be limited to 70 grams per day.

The new global study from McMaster University in Canada found that much higher levels of intake were related to a much lower risk of premature death.

In the study, those who took three servings of dairy products daily - which could mean, for example, two slices of cheese, one full yogurt and half a pint of whole milk - and one and a half servings of red meat, fared better. This equates to around 20-25 percent of the calories coming from dairy products. The amount of red meat eaten daily was around 130 grams which is the equivalent of a small steak.

Their rates of premature death were 25% lower than those of people who consume less, with 22% fewer heart attacks.

Dr. Andrew Mente, has presented the findings at the conference of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich, where he said that the saturated fat contained in meat and dairy products protect the heart. In addition, he said that those who eat more fat probably eat fewer carbohydrates, many of which are likely to be processed and sugary. "This certainly challenges the conventional wisdom of limiting the intake of whole-fat dairy." According to the Doctor, people should therefore aspire to a varied diet and full of unprocessed foods.

The overall findings did not include white meat, such as chicken, but Dr. Mente said that the separate analysis suggested that they would have benefits similar to those of red meat to protect against premature death.

The lead author, Prof. Salim Yusuf, said: "Our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity, this differs from current dietary advice."

Professor Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said: "Eating well means looking at your diet as a whole, rather than focusing too much on the individual elements." Meat and dairy products can contribute to a healthy diet and balanced, as long as they are consumed in moderation along with many fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts. "

Until two years ago, the NHS recommended that about 15 percent of calories should come from dairy products. For two years he reduced it to 8 percent, and recommended the consumption of low-fat versions.

There is always time to rectify both in the United Kingdom and in Spain.


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