Ferias de queso artesano

Artículos sobre las visitas a las principales ferias de queso españolas.

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  • Cabrales Cheese Contest
    Published : 08/28/2017 14:00:31 | Categories : Ferias de queso artesano

    Arenas de Cabrales has hosted during the last weekend of August the 47th edition of the Cabrales Cheese Contest. A fair in honor of the flagship of Spanish blue cheeses

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  • A Cabrales cheese for 11,000 euros!
    Published : 08/29/2016 11:47:01 | 1 comment | Categories : , Ferias de queso artesano

    A 2,5 kg Cabrales cheese reaches price of 11,000 euros in Cabrales Cheese Auction

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  • National cheese trade of Trujillo 2015
    Published : 02/02/2016 00:12:33 | Categories : Ferias de queso artesano

    More than 100 cheese manufacturers and distributors are represented at the National Trade Fair of Trujillo cheese. Undoubtedly, the best cheese fair is held in Spain and I recommend going there since

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