National cheese trade of Trujillo 2015

Published : 02/02/2016 00:12:33
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More than 100 cheese manufacturers and distributors are represented at the National Trade Fair of Trujillo cheese. Undoubtedly, the best cheese fair is held in Spain and I recommend going there since we like this exquisite product. Overall, an estimated 500 types of cheese are available for tasting.

Trujillo Cheese Trade

This year, with some small variations, very experienced cheese manufacturers were found at this fair. The fair format maintains the successful ticket, which gives you the opportunity to try a cheese for 50 cents. One buys from 10 to 10 and it's difficult not to feel full before time's up since the offering is unprecedented. Handcrafted cheeses, cheeses that are only sold at the fair, cream cheeses, cheese spreads and an endless offer of cheeses from all over Spain. That's the good thing about Trujillo. It's fair to assume that just this province would provide a fair with local cheese, but moreover, you can find cheese manufacturers from all over Spain, including some good Portuguese cheese makers.

The highlight was the presence of Ojos del Guadiana which won the fair prize last year with their cheeses from Mancha, la Quesería La Montejaqueña with its new, very visual and always so well-displayed formats, Francisco Hermanos with his Sudao cheese or with the Gran Paladar which is so valuable and rich. Francisco also presented some cheese spreads, distinct for the three peppers which give a spicy and very savory touch.

Trujillo Cheese Trade

Cheese manufacturers, such as Prestes, presented what would be announced as the only Galician blue cheese reminiscent of its Asturian brother La Peral. The cheese manufacturer of Los Puertos presented the new Cabrales with cider, Chipi cheeses with a strong cheese which is outstandingly spicy, Caprichos de Guara and their mature cheese, cheese maker El Bici with excellent cheeses, Los Casereños with their Tortas del Casar and an interesting and tasty goat cheese, Valdellanos cheeses with their flawless appearance, El Castúo with their Tartas del Casar and with a very tasty, spicy and strong flavored mature cheese and the cheese manufacturer Buruaga Arditeguia which presented the Idiazábal cheese. And many more.

Trujillo Cheese Trade

This is definitely an exciting place for cheese lovers and it's already an essential event.

Trujillo Cheese Trade

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