Who are we? is an online store that intends to bring the best traditional cheeses and their accompaniments to your home. Unique and special cheeses selected from the best and most award-winning traditional cheese factories.

It is a project contained within the company Inspleria. This company started from a need to channel the business projects of its partner and manager Jaime Chico Barbier. Inspleria begins its operations by means of marketing and Internet consulting projects and blends it with the management of franchises.

In 2014, they decided to approach an old project born from the love of cheese and everything related to this fabulous world. With this was born the first embryo of the project, A website dedicated to everything related to the world of cheese, where every day a team of people works to improve every aspect of the customer experience, such as the searching for and selecting of the best traditional cheeses, in order to get them to your home as quickly as possible.

Its founder, Jaime Chico Barbier, has vast experience in the world of marketing, online as well as offline. He has worked in systems, marketing, and business consulting at the consultancy M&BD, as well as in various management positions in Telefónica's Corporate Center and in Orange. Finally, he had the exciting task of directing Communication and Marketing at Punto Radio, previously Vocento Group Radio.

Our headquarters is located at the following address:

C/ José Silva, 19. 4ºD

28043 Madrid

Our warehouse and distribution center is located at the following address:

C/ Alejandro Villegas, 34. 6ªPl

28043 Madrid

If you need to contact us by phone, send us a message with your number, and we will contact you shortly.

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