Secure payment

Payment with credit card is completely secure and is made using a Virtual Bank POS.
The Virtual Bank POS is a device designed to work in a completely secure manner for executing sales via the Internet. To do this:

  • The POS will try to contact the bank that issued the card in order to request authentication of the holder (identity verification). In this way it is guaranteed that only the genuine owner of the card will be able to use it.
  • SSL is used in all communications to prevent the interception of information by third parties. Thus, confidentiality is assured in all communications made during the transaction. 
  • In addition, mechanisms to verify the transactions' authenticity of origin are enabled. This prevents the manipulation of data by third parties and ensures the integrity of the transaction.
  • All the transactions made through the Virtual Bank POS supply all of the security, confidentiality and integrity guarantees for the participating parties: cardholders and their issuers, and merchants and their acquiring institutions.